Gathering Place

Pastors Tony and Gwenette Portera @ The Gathering Place

November 9th @ 7pm;   10th @ 7pm;   11th @ 10am

Pastors Tony and Gwenette were born in New Orleans, LA.  They have 5 children (two adopted) and 12 grandchildren.   Tony was involved in drugs for 7 years, spending most of his young adult life in bar rooms till he met Jesus.  At 13, he was going to shoot his father for beating and abusing him so much.  When he could not pull the trigger, he tried to commit suicide with a 12-gauge shotgun in his mouth. Unable to do that, he felt he really was a “failure”, feeling worthless for years. He fell head over heels for Jesus when he found out that He loved him just the way he was. Gwenette was raised going to church.  She gradually went to church as a duty or habit, not out of a love for God.  After Tony met Jesus, Gwenette did not understand why he was gone so long to church.  She actually thought he was unfaithful and was having an affair.  She experienced a personal relationship with Jesus, when she went to church with Tony to check out his stories.  In 1986, the Porteras came to LaBarge, WY where Tony worked on the building of a gas plant as an electrician.  They fell in love with LaBarge, a town of 400, and stayed there.  They co-pastor “The Potter’s House”- a Church of Fellowship.  In 1994, they went to meetings in Toronto, where God baptized (immersed) them in His love like they had never known before. They have never been the same since that awesome experience.  God has brought their church into a prophetic, equipping, and deliverance ministry.  They enjoy speaking God’s love and words of encouragement into people’s lives. They also share with the Body of Christ the importance of intimacy with God and being in His Presence.  They challenge husbands and wives to begin again to show affection to each other and to become close friends.  They have traveled and taught in Mongolia, Haiti, Peru, and Kenya with the Maasai. They have received honor in teaching in areas and on topics that are not usually accepted by foreigners.  Their passion is to share their experiences of life and how God has healed and restores their lives. They are gifted teachers that impart spiritual gifts to the body through teaching, activations, prophetic words, and laying on of hands. They are carriers of the manifest presence of God.  Everywhere they go, people are stating: “You have made an impact on my life”; “I will never be the same”; or “That prophetic word you gave me, was right on, and it propelled me forward”.


Worship Leader Connie Scott -The Lord has used music to direct Connie’s life from her childhood. Connie recalls singing for her family at a very young age and He used her love for music to  lay an integral part in her salvation. In 1986, church choir participation led to youth group attendance, and in June of that same year, Connie accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. Though Connie went through a time of rebellion in her teenage years and even into college, the Lord continued to pursue her heart, as Jesus was always important to her. She recommitted her life to her Lord in college, which changed her relationship with Him forever. He placed a vision in Connie for full time ministry dedicated to impacting lives, by bringing people into intimacy with God through Worship and His Word. She began to write new songs to reflect this passion in her heart; songs that not only contained biblical Truth, but related to the struggles all people face in this life, and draw you into the peace and presence of the Lord. Many have said they can hear the angels joining her in worship.



THE GATHERING PLACE, 227 Webbwood Rd, Riverton WY

Directions: Turn west off of Federal Blvd. onto Webbwood (at the light at Walmart).  Crest the hill and The Gathering Place is on the left.

Special Conference Rates at Comfort Inn for $85.00 @ 307-856-8900

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