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First picture above was in 2013, of the girl’s dorm at The Shepherd’s House Orphanage in Gressier, Haiti.  Look at what we-you have invested in.  The first time we went, there was nothing but bushes and bugs. Can’t wait to see the progress in person.

We did not get to go in 2014, because both of us had surgery.  This year we are going to Haiti for TWO WEEKS – February 27 – March 13, 2015.  A team of 3-5 couples are going with us.

Our goals this trip will keep us very busy:

  1. We will be building shelves in the kitchen, dorm, and school area.  Oh, they started a school (K -2) for the children in the area whose parents cannot afford it.  We now have almost 50 students that are sponsored.  ($20-$30 a month – if you are interested in doing this, let us know and we will send you information).
  2. We will again hold a Kingdom Marriage Seminar for pastors and wives.
  3. We will be spending personal time with some of those couples who attend, investing and ministering to them.
  4. We will be ministering to church leaders.
  5. We will be spending time with the school children.
  6. Odds and ends on the grounds of the orphanage.
  7. And loving our children at the orphanage!

We covet your prayers, and are asking for financial assistance.  Please remember, no amount is too small or too big.  An example of some of our expenses: tools and hardware for our project costing $700.  It would cost us 3 to 4 times more there in Haiti, if you can find want you want.  In addition, we will purchase wood in Haiti which is very very expensive.

We are also bringing supplies for the orphanage and school supplies. We will supply meals for those that we will be ministering to on a personal basis.  One on one time, just what we like.  Plane tickets, lodging, food, & transportation cost about $1,500 per person, plus additional cost.

So $10 can buy crayons, pencils, crafts, etc.  At the dollar store we spent $70 on just some of it.  Plus we have to pay the extra luggage fee.  It all adds up.

Please consider supporting the team this year.  We are so grateful for those who have in the past.  We can now see physically the impact of your support.

Please send your tax deductible donation to:

The Potter’s House
PO Box 144
La Barge, WY  83123

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Tony & Gwenette Portera
Pastors -The Potter’s House

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